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About Agathias TRAVEL Directory

If East Crete is your holiday destination, then in Palekastro – Sitia Region is your choice for your holidays. All villas and holiday apartments have been listed on this website by their owners, enabling to help you choose the perfect holiday rental that suits your needs.

The Agathias Union of Acommodation-Restaurants Owners’ purpose is to organize accommodation and food services generally in a way, to let the visitors of our region to receive the best possible quality of hospitality. This website provides a official accommodation-restaurant guide of Agathias Area, as well as information of touristic interest about Agathias-Palekastro-Sitia areas.

Trip Planning

Everything you need to plan and book, to explore Agathias-Sitia Region. Find accommodation services, apartment and restaurant web sites, travel information, tourist attractions and more.

Information on Agathias Village that helps with trip planning.

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picturesque villages, breathtaking scenery, sandy beaches, varied landscape, delicious and renowned local cuisine, unique flora, magnificent gorges, friendly and hospitable people, a unique culture and a glorious past.

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Our main aim is to ensure you a safe and comfortable stay at Agathias-Crete, by providing a stress-free holiday experience for the duration of your holidays in Agathias or for your business trip in East Crete. So, let yourself enjoy, discover and explore one of the most beautiful islandcorner in Greece..

Our Directory, a guide for a hidden place at the most southeast part of Europe is an ideal place for vacations, perfect place for rest and entertainment.

Let us guide you to the secrets of this land.

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Tripadvisor Testimonials about our region

Paradise Rediscovered

Chiona Beach

This is one of the most perfect settings that we found during our 14 day vacation. Quite, perfect setting in the east of Creta. There were only two other couples when we arrived for lunch. The stting is out of this world. The service and traditional Creatan food superb. And not expensive. You will need transport to reach this secluded spot.....lets hope it remains a paradise for adventurers and is not spoiled by mass tourism. We will definately return here again and spend a few nights in this paradise......I must bring my fishing rod and try my hand as there are plenty of fish here.

Richtis Gorge: A Different Experience

Richtis Gorge

Because of a small stream that flows in the gorge, even in summer, the Richtis Gorge is lush, green and wooded. It's thus an excellent walk in the summer months as well as in the winter.In the summer there is almost no water in the upper part of the gorge making walking easy. About halfway to the waterfall the stream appears and there is a trickle flowing over the 16m high falls.In the winter the gorge is still walkable but the stream is more of a river and many of the crossings are tricky. Personally I prefer the gorge in winter, it's much greener an

It's not a difficult walk though there are several rock scrambles and you do need good agility and balance. You can either walk all the way to the beach from the top or just to the waterfall and back. It's also possible to drive to the beach and just walk up to the waterfall. If you start at the top don't park in the car park off the road and walk from there. Instead drive down the narrow concrete road and park at the Lachanas Bridge. You'll be glad you did on the way back, the concrete road is long and steep!

Swimming Under An Ancient Castle!

Itanos Beaches

Beware: there are 3 Itanos beaches. The left is a bit crowded one and opt for the middle or the right one! Concerning the middle: Amazing location, you have to walk through an archaeological site to reach. Only a huge palm tree in the middle to guarantee shadow, beautiful beach, with sand and some pebbles. Surrounded by rocks, it is a a bit slippery to get into the water, so better wear swim shoes or flippers (not flip lops, you might turn your ankle)

Do not forget your mask or googles though! Once you get in, it is amazing: crystal clear water, and you feel like swimming over an ancient city. Yes, that's the feeling, and you do not want to go out for hours. Well, Erimoupolis in Greek means deserted city, so, yes, you are in the right place! Please do not forget plenty of water, refreshments or a light snack. Nothing available for supplies around.

We Have Walked Chochlakies Gorge Three Times

Chochlakies Gorge

We have walked Chochlakies Gorge three times in the past few years and found something new and interesting to see each time. Buzzards and sometimes eagles circle above the steep walls of the gorge; goats with bells on their collars scramble up the near vertical cliffs; and little piles of rocks and stones left by other walkers guide you down the stream bed. It's an easy walk -- about one hour and fifteen minutes from the car park by the church until you reach the wide sweep of Karoumes beach. The swimming here is good on a calm day, although it can sometimes be very rough and dangerous. The gorge itself has been completely dry this summer, but in the winter and spring after heavy rain the water can be too deep and fast flowing to walk it in safety.

Historical Jewel

Toplou Monastery

A person or family, could easily spend an entire day at the monastery with an overall cheap and enjoyable experience. For example, one could start of by attending a service at the monastery in the morning. Then, have an fantastic meal at the cafe or just a coffee. Next, you could visit the museum and spend up to two hours trying to soak the endless amount of history hidden amongst the monasteries secrets. After this you could go have a delightful wine tasting experience and insight into the wine making process that takes place at the monastery. Finally you go back to the monasteries restaurant and have a delightful meal. Meanwhile looking at the breathtaking view of the setting sun.

Sitia Natural Park or Geopark

The Natural Park of Sitia is on the easternmost edge of Crete, in the Municipality of Sitia. It covers the entire area of the former Municipality of Itanos, as well as parts of the former Municipalities of Lefki and Sitia. Geographically, it extends from…

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