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Holidays in AGATHIAS are ideal for people who want to be based in a quiet, traditional Cretan village, where everything moves at a calm, human pace. AGATHIAS is pretty and scenic, with many places to stay. It offers a beautiful view of both the Kouremenos Bay and the surrounding olive grooves, making it a great place to stay, as does its convenient position in East Crete.

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Phone: +30 28430 61030
Address: Agathias Village, Sitia Region
Prefecture: Lassithi, 72300 Sitia, East Crete

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Agathias Village

..the beauty and attractions of our place..

Agathias is a beautiful small traditional village, one kilometer east of Palekastro and 20km far from Sitia, in the north east of the island of Crete. It is situated on the slopes of Petsofas Mt, not far from and with panoramic view to the famous Kouremenos and Chiona Beaches and it is 7km far from the unique Palm Beach Vai. In the area there are several other attractions to be found, like for instance the archaeological site of Rousolakos. Some of the beaches are popular with windsurfers (Kouremenos, Tenda). Agathias consists mainly of small old white washed-stonebuild traditional houses and one of the cutest building in the village is (as you might have guessed) the church. From here there are views over the fertile Kambos plane in front of the village, the sea and Grandes Island opposite Chiona Beach.

Somehow this part of Crete is completely untouched by tourism and commercial activities and it is still possible to find a quiet spot on one of the nearby beaches, even though the so popular Palmbeach of Vai is not far away. There is not much traffic or crowds and life seems to be easy here. The nearby beach of Kouremenos for instance is two kilometer long and quiet, and it has plenty of space for everybody even in high season period. You can drive also to the beaches of Itanos or Ermoupolis, which are situated just 2km above Vai Palm Beach. Here you find the remains of a Minoan town, a hellenistic church and a sometimes naturist beach with some palms.


The Agathias Union of Acommodation-Restaurants Owners’ purpose is to organize accommodation and food services generally in a way, to let the visitors of our region to receive the best possible quality of hospitality. This website provides a official accommodation-restaurant guide of Agathias Area, as well as information of touristic interest

The closest beach for Agatias is Chiona Beach, which is situated about 700m east of the village. The main beach of Chiona is about 300 meters long. It is sandy and it slopes gently into the sea, making it a good spot for families with small children. If you walk a bit south over a path that leads along the coast, you can find more secluded smaller bays with picturesque hidden sandy beaches (i.e. Bodalaki Beach), which offer more privacy.

If you walk the unpaved road from the east end of Agathias, you come along a turn to the right after about 200 meters with a sign that says “Peak Sanctuary”. This 3 kilometer long path leads up to the peak of Petsofas. This was once the site of a Minoan sanctuary and once you’re up on the top you have a panorama view of the whole Agathias-Palekastro-Kouremenos area.

Agathias Gallery
Agathias Traditional Village

Meet the alternative side

Book your room with a view to Kambos Plain, in a picturesque and serene setting in Agathias, and meet the alternative side of Crete!

Cretan Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Dishes

A simple salad eaten on a shaded terrace overlooking the Agathias landscape will possibly give you a longer lasting memory than an elaborate meal inside a fancy restaurant.

Itanos Beach

Many great things to see

There you have our personal list of the best things to do in Agathias, but it’s hard to choose as there are just so many great things to see and do on this corner in Crete.



A trip to Crete is a trip at the roots of the European civilization
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