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Holidays in AGATHIAS are ideal for people who want to be based in a quiet, traditional Cretan village, where everything moves at a calm, human pace. AGATHIAS is pretty and scenic, with many places to stay. It offers a beautiful view of both the Kouremenos Bay and the surrounding olive grooves, making it a great place to stay, as does its convenient position in East Crete.

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Phone: +30 28430 61030
Address: Agathias Village, Sitia Region
Prefecture: Lassithi, 72300 Sitia, East Crete

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Chiona Beach

Chiona Beach

Just 700m far from Agathias Village is to be found yet another quiet and amazing beach, sunning itself next to the crystal blue sea. It is situated 2 kms from Palekastro and 20km from Sitia.

The beach is slightly organised (near the taverns) but there are some tamarisk trees along the coast, offering shade. East of the main beach, there are several small coves, where you can find a quiet place to swim alone and nude. The first sandy beach is called Bondalaki and is an amazing beach. Maybe the best in the entire area!

Around the Agathias / Palekastro area, the “MeItemi” wind increases its strength through the local thermal and funneling effect that gives the surface wind an additional 2 Beaufort. This makes Kouremenos bay one of the most wind-certain spots in Europe with wind statistics of 20-28 wind days per month from April to October.

Apart from the perfect swimming conditions for young and old and the “air conditioning effect” which has been enjoyed by many visitors to the area, the bay offers perfect, flat-water conditions close to the shore (due to the off shore wind) as well as clear blue waters and is the perfect spot for those wishing to learn how to windsurf but also for those who even though advanced, want to either practice or learn new surf moves.

Chiona Wetland

A wetland/pond of outstanding natural beauty, 1.5 km from Palekastro and covering an area of 2.36 hectares. Its geographical coordinates are latitude 26.276985, longitude 35.196811.

The wetland lies behind the beach of Chiona, or Lenika as the area is more correctly known. A sandbar separates the flooded area from the beach and the sea, trapping water in the pond during the winter months.

The pond, which forms from October to May, has a sandy bottom which receives fresh water from surface runoff and the watertable, while saltwater is driven in by winter waves through a channel to the southeast. It has a rich fauna and attracts many birds, usually migratory species.

The whole area is considered an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Apart from the protection it is accorded along with the other wetlands, it is also protected by the Archaeological Service, as it lies within the Palekastro Archaeological Zone A , and by the Presidential Decree on the Protection of Small Island Wetlands of Greece.

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