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Holidays in AGATHIAS are ideal for people who want to be based in a quiet, traditional Cretan village, where everything moves at a calm, human pace. AGATHIAS is pretty and scenic, with many places to stay. It offers a beautiful view of both the Kouremenos Bay and the surrounding olive grooves, making it a great place to stay, as does its convenient position in East Crete.

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Phone: +30 28430 61030
Address: Agathias Village, Sitia Region
Prefecture: Lassithi, 72300 Sitia, East Crete

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Petsofas Peak - View To North


Petsofas peak is located near Agathias village (1,5 km far and about 1 hour walking through a trail) and above the archaeological site of Roussolakos. In Minoan times here a peak sanctuary was founded where rituals included the deposition of clay figurines of cattle, men and women.

Among the ubiquitous human and animal figurines found in peak sanctuaries, Petsofas uniquely has clay figurines of weasels and tortoises. Some Petsofas cylinder seals bear a male figure resembling specimens recovered at the Minoan site of Knossos. Stone lamps, ceramic altars and ceramic building models have also been found at Petsofas.

Hiking on Petsofas

If you walk the unpaved road from the east end of Agathias, you come along a turn to the right after about 200 meters with a sign that says “Peak Sanctuary”. At the bottom of Petsofas hill, you take the distinctive path, which leads on the top of Petsofas peak at 215m and takes about 1,5 hour walking. This 3 kilometer long path leads up to the Minoan sanctuary area. This was once the site of a Minoan sanctuary and once you’re up on the top you have a panorama view of the whole Agathias-Palekastro-Kouremenos area.

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